Type: Web
Author: Kodi
Release: 2024

Web platform released in 2024, developed by Kodi. The interface is very user-friendly. The game simulation is true to reality and based on GCCG. Its versatility is enhanced by deck building and tournament organization features. It is mobile-adapted.





Type: Web
Author: Phil
First release: 2022
Project Site: Github

An actively developed open-source platform accessible from the browser. It supports single-player, multiplayer for up to 10 people, and Arda. Decks (and saved games) are stored locally on your own disk. You can use your cardnum decks (copy and paste) or import from GCCG.

Detailed setup guide




Type: Web
Author: rezwits
Release: 2018

The first web platform to emerge and gained popularity among the community due to its easy accessibility. The gameplay system is guided and not as flexible as GCCG.




Type: Downloadable Application
Author: Tomi “wigi” Ronkainen
Release: 2002

GCCG was one of the first platforms and was very popular during the golden age of online gaming between 2002 and 2011. In 2018, Cardnum was released, and many users migrated there. In 2018, Kodi became the administrator and incorporated several improvements and a user-friendly installation system. The Spanish-speaking community continued to use it until 2024 when Middle-earth was released. The simulation is very true to the game, although installation and adaptation can be confusing without the proper guide.

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