This website has been created by Kodi, a lover of Middle-earth CCG, member of the Council of Elrond and Council of Rivendell.


User contributions

Manuel Cabezalí – Supervision of the deck section, translations into English
Alvaro Pery (Mordakai) – GCCG Tutorials
José San Miguel – Supervision of the rules section
Antonio Flores (Temujin) – Access to the domain and integration with the Spanish Forum
Mark Alfano – Rules and decks
Karsten Gerland – Results and some decks
Enrique Navarro (Hanksole) – Collecting
Fernando (Donepi) – Initial portable GCCG
César Rodríguez (Machacator) – Interactive map
Heiner Viefhues – Exclusive Deck Release
Alex Maria (Bosquet) – English translations
Pedro Mellado – Rulings Digests formatted in PDF
PIC16f84 – Comparison and review of the web rules with the original ones


Special thanks

This website has used existing content from other sites in order to unify and provide information to all of who are interested in this wonderful game. We give a special thanks to those sites that have preserved such valuable information for the community along all these years. – Results and some decks – Spanish Forum – Ancient International Forum
Council of Elrond – Official Site of the World Community
Dutch Council Site – Rules Archive


Help to improve this site

If you want to participate actively in any new or existing section, do not hesitate to contact me.