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The Council of Elrond (CoE) is the world coordinating body for MECCG. Among may other things, the CoE is responsible for regulating the rules of this game. It was founded by players after Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) stopped publishing the game. Members of the CoE are elected by voting every two years.

This is a very complex game in terms of rules, for there are a lot of them, plus they’ve been revised and rerated since the very beginning. Good news is that they’re rarely changed nowadays.

Rules by expansion

Errata and clarification (CRF)

Besides the rules for each expansion, there are some clarification and official errata compiled in the Collected Rulings File (CRF).

You can check the different versions of the CRF in the Archive

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Tournament Policy

Here are the official rulings for tournaments. Besides the explanation for tournament structure and formats, you will find several sections (“General”, “Clarifications and Rulings” and “Additional Rules) that contain rules that are widely used by the community, to the point they’ve become part of the standard rules. Some of these rules -but not all of them- are also present in the “Tournament Rulings” section of the CRF.

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Ruling Digests

This is a compilation of questions made by players to the rules’ official authorities (NetRep) that were present at the moment.

They’re basically questions and answers about particular cards and situations in the game. Their purpose is to solve problematic situations, but they’re not official rules, and in some cases they are contradictory. 

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NetRep History


Scott Frazer (Dec. 1995 – Nov. 1996)
Craig “Ichabod” O’Brien (Nov. 1996 – Sep. 1998)
Van Norton (Sep. 1998 – Sep. 1999)


Brian Wong (2001- Mar. 2002)
Chad Martin (Mar. 2002 – May. 2006)
Mark Alfano (Oct. 2006 – Apr. 2009)
Mikko Vihtemäki (Apr. 2009 – May. 2013)
Nobody (May. 2013 – Nov. 2022)
Rules Oversight Comittee (Jan. 2023 – Present)
composed by: Manuel Cabezalí, Kodi, Ethan Eliam , Marcos Cáceres