On September 21 1999, I.C.E. announced they were not holding Middle Earth rights anymore, which meant our beloved game was not going to get more official content… But, would you like to know what they were working with when that happened? What if I tell you that they left a fully designed new mode for the game? And what if I also tell you that this new mode allows you to play as a fearsome dragon, hoard treasures and burn Middle Earth ruthlessly? Let me introduce to you, more than 20 years later, Middle-Earth: Here Be Dragons!!!


The game

Despite Middle-Earth: Here Be Dragons (MEHD from now on) being designed as a scenario that did not require new cards —you only have to reinterpret the original ones—, we thought that it would be better having all those cards fully adapted.


In MEHD we will put ourselves in the scales of one of these nine magnificent dragons that dwell Middle Earth, playing under minion alignment.



Every dragon’s haven will be its home site. Is there a better place than home for a nap?


Hazards playable as a resource:

This scenario adds a new kind of card (dragon resource), hazards that can also be played as a resource by Dragon players.

Objectives and rules:

As a Dragon player, your desires are simple: to garner an infinitude of treasure to build your hoard, to feast well on the tastiest flesh, and to protect yourself from the encroachment of others into your domain—whether Man, Dwarf or Dragon. So, collect as many treasures as you can, feast on the beasts of the wild (or on unwary travelers), and destroy every town and village you encounter. The stronger and more powerful you become, the less likely that you will be disturbed when you settle in on your bed of riches for a long, deep sleep…

You can download the detailed rulebook to play this scenario in this same webpage.



Original I.C.E’s MEHD draft with annotations:

Final I.C.E.’s MEHD rulebook version:

Revised and formatted rulebook based on I.C.E.’s final version (Note: when the rulebook refers to ‘cards’, it’s always referring to the original published material, not the already adapted MEHD cards shown on this page)

Download RGB and CMYK (printable version) adapted cards to ease the game

Download cards




Original documents: Coleman Charlton

Cards and revised/formatted rulebook: Toni Matas, Pedro Mellado (The Suprunaman Team)