Welcome to Middle-earth

This website is dedicated to the Middle-earth Collectible Card Game created by Iron Crown Enterprises in 1995.

Today there is an active community of players and enthusiasts from all over the world who continue to play and share this great passion. If you return after some time in exile, you will be happy to know that the game enjoys a large and active community.

On this website you can find all the information you need to learn how to play, build decks, collect, consult maps, get closer to the community, get to know other unofficial projects, and much more.

This website is an unofficial non-profit project developed by yours truly, Kodi. Many hours are dedicated to the game to offer good resources to the community, like this website, the remastered cards project or the new online game platform. If you want to give me a hand to pay for the infrastructure costs, I would be infinitely grateful.


If you are new here and want us to help you discover this world, you have several channels of communication:


Council of Elrond Forum




MeCCG Fans around the world

Add yourself to this map of game lovers and look for people nearby to play. Put your name as the name of the bookmark and in the description if you want to put a contact.

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